First review- Shark Steam Mop 3502

I have a pretty serious problem with my ceramic tile. It is textured, meaning that all the dirt and grime can easily find its way down into the little crevices. This drives me nuts, because no ordinary mop or swiffer can get into those grooves to adequately clean it. That leaves me scrubbing on my hands and knees. That brings me to my latest purchase- the Shark Steam Mop #3502.

I think I bought it for slightly over $100. It was quick to put together and very easy to use. You just fill the reservoir with hot water and wait a few seconds for the steam action to work, then get mopping. The handle pumps the steam out as you move it back and forth.  The one thing I noticed right away is that it is a bit heavy compared to a regular mop. I also wasn’t sure it was doing anything, because I couldn’t see the water streaks on the floor like when you mop. But I flipped the pad over and saw streaks of dirt, so I knew it was working.

Earlier in the day, I had vacuumed and scrubbed the floor on my hands and knees. But the Shark was picking up massive amounts of filth. I was surprised how much dirt was still let on the floor after I had cleaned it. Overall, I am pretty happy with my purchase. It didn’t get all the worst spots of ground in dirt, but it did a far better job than any traditional mop. Plus, it saved me about an hour or more of manually scrubbing the tiles. One thing I love is the microfiber cleaning cloths it uses. It picked up so much stray dog hair! And they’re machine washable, so I do not need to be constantly buying replacements. I did use have to use both of them the first time I cleaned the kitchen though!

Overall, I will give the Shark Steam Mop 3.5 out of 5 stars.